“with age, comes the maturity of mind but heck wisdom may not be there”

Its 7.53pm and Im still in the office. Thats a bloody big achievement for the year 2008. Hahaha. Well, reason being is that it is bloody raining outside and I cannot be bothered to go through the jam and be stuck for hours. Today, since I woke up with my brain stuck in my ass due to the over-powered pain of my tooth giving me a big freakin headeache, at least I still have the mood to do work. Haha.

Like I said in my previous post, day by day its turning into one of a hell of a sappy blog. I am at my lowest, and demotivated as ever.

Work – everybody’s leaving, wtf am I doing still stuck here with a low pay and a mountain of work? I got too comfortable. Thats the problem. As much as Ive been clicking away at the Job Portal to look for a new job, theres a big part of me telling me to stay. Well, the thing here is.. if I leave, i dont lose anything and If I do stay i dont lose out too.. So yea, am kind of in a complex. But I just dont know if this should be the field that I should stick with? Sigh.

Relationship – my ex wants me back but I dont. I dont love her anymore. I dont want to get back together just for the sake of being pitiful or whatever. After what happen, everything I do like liking somebody or whatever.. Karma decides to hit me back. Hard. Real Hard. And its still happening which I know finally have decided on … [lets see how it goes la hor]

Friends – Im blessed with the amount of friends I have and am glad that Im making more. But trouble awaits and Im not looking forward to go there. Conclusion to this part of story is that the world goes round and round, so does the situations. And sometimes, Im just sick of it. But still, I do love having them around. 😉

 So whats wrong with me? Being the third person.. the answer would be.. nothing. Maybe Im just making a big fuss out of things. Or maybe there’s a few stuff that I need to battle with. Im missing something.. definitely.

Blergh.. when the hell is the rain going to stop! Yeesh.

Hopefully tommorows gonna be a better day. Lets just wait and see.


2 Responses to “wisdom”

  1. March 17, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    Nice Blog. I like the layout you used. Did you make that yourself?

    – Randy Nichols.

  2. 2 qonfuzedqookie
    April 1, 2008 at 5:04 am

    Thanks! well, just the header..the rest was courtesy of wordpress designs. =)

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