went to a birthday surprise dins for my dear walking partner and had fantabulous great jap food! it was my first to have meals of raw stuff which i actually enjoyed because noticed that from my past jap food experience of eating raw fish.. i was actually barf barfing it out. =P .. not so cultured. hehe.


hajime, nestled in the heart of kl located in jalan damai, is a perfect night out for a japanese meal. loved the setting and environment.. complements the good food that they serve. so for this post, since im not so pandai enough to remember what are the name of the dishes.. will just post the pictures of what i ate okie?



pic : the platter of raw stuff . its yummy. you couldnt even taste the rawness of the fish, prawns and octopus. yam!


pic : the soft shell crab sushi. sorry dont know the name. im bad with names. but its YUMMY!


pic : my sister ordered the sapporo beer.. and was not suppose to take since i was heavily sedated on medication.. but to heck.. i think hands down i would prefer japanese beer more than the normal one.. the taste is yummily clean..hehehe.

ended the night with champagne to celebrate.. happy birthday dear friend and wish you the best for the next one year. =)


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