thank god the day at the office ended. today sucks i tell you.

 im the despatch, im the call agent, im the backoffice, im the one who monitors stuff. well.. cant complain. im sure alot of other people have more work than i do.

 but one thing which i want to write down today so that i know i will always remember what that person said about me. a colleague of mine who was on her last day today and came up to me and said :

“qookie, thanks for being a good colleague and good boss. I loved working with you, and so does the whole team, your presence in this team has made everyone have a drive to work for the better. Its sad that I have to leave, but I wish you all the best and hope that you will get what you want.”

I was so touched. I thought I was a suckie boss. But for a person in the team to tell me that.. AWWWW.. well, now its gonna make me feel more complicated than ever because i wouldnt know what i want to do.. growl. gotta think gotta think..

and now..to melantak macam orang gile before i pull out my tooth tmr..sigh.


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