” how would you define the feeling of being passionate?
from the eyes of someone who is into deeply about something or;
when two people do something which is extraordinary “
~ music and lyrics ~

The perfect way to describe on what Im feeling towards my job, the passion. The flame which burns the desire to push me forward in handling the challenges at my current state has sizzled. I wonder why. Where I am at right now, I could not exercise the skills which I have been equipped with and instead doing projects which is contributing to the company, I would never get the credit for but instead someone who is up there will. Sigh. T.i.r.e.d.

As much as I have applied for so many other jobs which is available on the local job portal, the choices of jobs which is being offered is definitely.. hmm. how would i put it.. not my cup of tea. So when a person say that “hey, the job market right now is pretty bad”.. what does that suppose to mean? You can see piles of jobs being offered in a week, but it is just us being choosy of what we want to do and also depends on the qualifications that we have. Oh well, so far Ive applied about.. 29 jobs? I do hope that one will hit.

 Anyways, was driving around sometime ago.. and as I was exiting the parking lot, the ticket booth girl looked so pissed of because of the driver who was before me told her :

“dik, muka je lawa.. tapi tiket tu mahal lagi” (miss, youre quite pretty, but the parking ticket is more expensive)

How crude can Malaysian’s be. Sometimes I wonder. A lot of Malaysians that I actually have come across are actually a little lacking in their ethiques, but they cant help it because the culture is already like that where nobody has a voice on how mischevious these people are acting.

Oh well, enough about that.

all i wanna do is find a way back into love~


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