what a week

it has been an exciting week.

never have i met / run into so many people who are comfortable with the person i am, and it feels rather.. good and exciting.  yes. thats right.

so many things has happened in the past two weeks and most of em involves party party party. as per below :

 last friday : F1 black paddock party > where i got a chance to take photos with steve aoki and cobra snake woo hoo! and also met a lot of new people

Steve Aoki and Cobra Snake and ME!

yesterday : wild majestic party in zouk, 4th year anniversary > again, met up with a lot of new people and also long lost friends.

today : flickr gallery party where I can just chill with people who does not have any agenda and just want to have fun. =)

tommorow : the aquaria treasure hunt which is going to start from klcc –> kl bird park –> malacca zoo and back to aquaria klcc.. phew.. its going to be really2 interesting.

i know ive been writing like boring posts lately, but seems that whenever i come home, on the laptop and login to blog, suddenly everything that i have in mind seems to dissapear and instead, would rather do some facebooking instead. heh heh.

 but out of this two weeks, what ive come to realize is that i am now capable of doing things on my own without depending on someone else, able to enjoy being myself around people who are comfortable with me and finally being happy that i have started to enjoy life a little bit more.

the downside besides all the fun that ive been receiving is that tho im feeling happy and smiley but at the same time my soul and heart is crushed to bits, trampled and skinned open. ive got to find a better way on how to manage this but well, do hope for the best. the story should not turn into another fiasco i had last year, which i am not ready to take the same road. why am i not worth anyone’s time?

theres more to the story, but i think i should go and sleep before i end up not waking up for the treasure hunt tommorow.. wish me luck!


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