lunch post

i woke up with an achy feeling. yes. from the treasure hunt yesterday.

my legs were heavy, my muscles are strained and my phone could not stop ringing..because i snoozed it over and over again from 7am till 810. sometimes i wish i could just bang the phone. tapi sayang tu, baru beli. heh heh.

why am i writing this afternoon post?

because i woke up feeling crappy and the whole day has welcomed my mood with open arms. conclusion to this afternoon post would be :

“as much as you try to change yourself, the situation wont change according to how you have changed, so why bother”

i hate having that negative vibe, it definitely pushes other people away. maybe i need someone to talk to and i do..thanks to the Go Super Hot Mom. hehe. but, sometimes you would want to have that someone beside you, to show that you care, to shower all the attention. but what keeps coming back to me is being throwned at with stones.

it hurts. it crushes me. but what cant kill you will make you stronger right? hopefully it will.

it has been a tremendously exciting time i have been having for the past weeks, and hope that it will still be. too many spontaneous moments, too many decisions to think about and too many steps to take. its hard to take one step at a time and my mind has been all over the place.

1 strike on ladyjane and 2 strikes on ladyjill. who else can cheer this qonfuzed soul. mebbe im trying too hard. i should stop. but for human like us, easier said than done.

there you go. there is the afternoon post. im just about to breakdown and cry. be strong qookie, the day will end soon enough for you to go get yourself loads of beer. qookie, the black age has come again and hopefully it wont stay for long.

tsk tsk.


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