the hunt for elephant poop

yes. title is as it is. i smell like elephant poop, and its not going away. =(

had a terrific outing with my friends today. yes. we went galavanting across kuala lumpur (not the entire KL though. =P) and also went to the Malacca Zoo and back to KL to finish up the race. the whole race was exciting, the adrenaline rush of speeding and trying not to crash into fellow runners who were running for a marathon (was made big on the news) and because of that, we the hunters were in a lil bit of a jam of trying to figure out the best way to get from KLCC to the KL Bird Park.

Well, good news is that we managed to get ahead of time and managed to finish the task early and be on our way to the Malacca Zoo which is about 1 hour away. The task within the Bird Park and the Malacca Zoo was not so tough, but the hardest part about the zoo was diggin through a pile of shit. Yes, i do mean it.. a pile of shit @ poop @ dung of a few elephants, trying to search for the team’s clue card. Bloody hell, it was buried way beneath all those poop and we kept on pulling out the wrong coloured ones. YIKES. We smelled bad. haha. Then it was back to Aquaria where we spent more than 1 hour before ending the race.

It has been quite a while since we did something healthy on a weekend. I mean, pure clean fun without any alco.. It feels good! Was telling that to me team mates, and it feels good to know that we were on the same page. 🙂 Team UND (pronounced as – oonduh`), I think we did a teriffic job for a first timer and its time to move on to the next best thing.. the Amazing Race. Woo hoo~


So here goes for checklist in 2008 which I have finalized.. Che Wah :

1.The Rainforest Festival

2. White Water Rafting

3. Saigon

4. Thailand

5. A trip back to Yogyakarta and Bandung

6. The Asia Amazing Race

7. Getting a good and decent job anywhere and not staying with what I have now. YUCKS.

Well, more checklist to come, but am damn lazy to update now. heheh.


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