on a roll!

today was exciting.. definitely exciting.. today was the day i started to go back for interviews.

both of the job interview that i went for turned out great! hopefully lah.. managed to sell myself a bit and i guess i put on a good impression towards the interviewer because both took quite long than the usual time allocated for interviews. lets see how things goes and hopefully screwing up the boxing audition for the interviews was worth it. 😛

something which i learnt from one of the interviewers today which was the difference between a do-er and a try-er. A do-er has plans laid out and waiting to be executed. A try-er will just do it by hook or by crook. i have to definitely be a do-er. hehehe. but the problem is that i procastinate alot.. lets see how things goes.

after rushing in between interviews, had a good dinner with some flickrites and also cosmicgirl’s friends. and suzie_b just cracked me up like crazy..havent had a good laugh like that in ages! a few jokes was passed around, but what i can share here is  (since i dont have to type long2 due to penat dan ngantuk) :

 Question : Have any of you seen Stevie Wonder’s wife before?

Crowd Answers : No, have you?

Answer : Well, dont think so.. even Stevie hasnt seen her!

Bodoh betul la lawak kau nie.

ahh..another buzz which i created today.. my status on msn.. “Most of the 23 years old girs are plain dumb”.. hahaha.. these days.. i think most of them are. yeesh. annoyance.

nearing to 3, and i forgot that i have to wake up in 4 hours time for work. bOoooOo!


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