definitely maybe

just got back from watching a movie entitled definitely, maybe.

its supposed to be a romantic comedy, but somehow somewhat i find the movie sad. as in its a good movie but sad content lah. one part of the script which actually made me started to actually tear (and i dont usually do this) was:

“well dad, now i know why it is complicated because at the time that april wants you, you wanted summer and at the time that you want april, april was with kevin and in the end nobody loves you”

it hurts when you dont have that special someone to love you back as much as you want them to. a friend told me to leave a space for what if’s or maybe. be patient a little. but when it comes to a human’s heart, we’re never too patient are we not? đŸ˜‰

to some of the readers of this post (and i know who you are), you may think that why are mostly sappy or whatever. too bad, qookie is a hopeless romantic and have always been wanting to spread the love to the one who needs it. but who? =P

im done with this at the moment. thank god boxing starts tommorow and hopefully my mind will be channeled to something else. need to focus back to what i love most : family, friends and gymming (well, had to leave the photography thing out since i dont have anymore camera aye? =( )

now, back to work..blergh.


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