kawan kawan (yet to be updated)

after my two packed interviews for the afternoon, came down to kl sentral to get a connecting train to bangsar.. but changed my mind and met up my kek-bayi (hahaha kepada yang terasa). so while i was talking to her, something came up to my mind and i thought it was quite interesting to blog it out.

and now to the point of discussion, there are a few types of friends..and according to my definition, let me elaborate a lil.. 😉

Kawan Kawan NGO (Non-Profit Friends)

Kawan Kawan Politik

Kawan Kawan Bisnes

**iklan since UncleDids took away my laptop so that she can go into her facebook fights**

and now qookie’s back (after 15 mins).. and i forgot about what the hell am i suppose to write. fug.

well, the definitions has to come another day then.

crap. mebbe the thought will come back to me tmr morning since i’ve kinda started on the waking up at 6am bit just for the sake of checking my facebook stuff before i head on to work.. yea. finally i started to wake up 2 hours before my usual sleeping time to be online. gile.



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