.english please!.

a lot has been happening and to cut stories short, i have hanged my gloves in the shipping industry.

lets now go on to much exciting field of work.. the advertising world. yeay! i got the job finally..thanks to HottieSuz who passed my resume to the company. Yeay Yeay Yeay! Cant wait to start!

Anyways, it has been a pretty busy week and didnt get a chance to blog, and since today I woke up late and had a spinning headache and stomach pains, decided to ditch work and enjoy the day. ngeh ngeh.

Found an interesting new place to hang out now, which I have fallen in love with… Jaya One Starbucks. New surroundings, some cool cafe’s, WIFI.. Im in love! And while I was hanging out in Starbucks, I received (sorry honeh boneh.. i really found it funny) a text message asking me for a favour to translate (which i foung more to deciphering.. =P ) a text message.. and here it goes :

“Lum Lg, ok i wnt to go now 2 gme, nxtme kta msg lg k, anyway thnks sdi msg i.. Tker”

What the hell? Berterabur habis. and on top of that.. who the fuck writes Take care as “Tker” ? HAHAHAHA.

Had a good laugh about it with jiran and uncle d.

its 2251 and amazingly im going to sleep. ta~


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