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the fool

am not so being productive today. so.. facebook it is! hehehe.

anyways.. found an application on adzlinn’s page so decided to add because it seems interesting. its the horoscope application and on top of that.. i added the tarot application. which i kinda find it fuhney`. =P

the reading says that the card for today is “the fool” . yes i would agree. ive been acting/thinking like a fool lately. lets see what the card says.

Im a fool Im a Fool

“The Fool desires to achieve great things in life, but does not always anticipate the hard work required. Full of curiosity and searching for answers, the Fool symbolizes a new beginning and endless optimism. He must be careful in the decisions he makes, as his lack of experience is often a hindrance. While others may avoid taking on insurmountable odds, The Fool will attempt to accomplish near impossible goals with almost reckless abandon.

i wonder if its suppose to be good or bad. takut pulak lah kan. =)



yes. fatso monday. not that i ate alot during the day. but am definitely feeling too too fat. i seriously have to really control my food intake. been eating worse than a pig. more to an elephant size appetite. ;-P

by the way, found this cool membuang masa application to play with when im bored, where i stumbled upon sueannajoe’s blog. cool jugak ah macam sim city.

help me to develop the city! with more visits, the city will be developed faster. so if you guys build one let me know so i can also visit.. hehehe. qookieland here i come!

kita main dulu!



i know ive mentioned this again and again.

i think im going to turn into a nun.


and lesson learned is not to believe horoscope. they’re just bloody evil.

some people can be nice, some people can just be neurotic. yes. neurotic. haha.

cant wait to get out of town woo hoo!


the one’s with the title

stupid law.

on the way back from seeing a client in Jalan Ampang and seriously..dont know what the hell is wrong with KL today.. all roads in and out of the city was jammed. i wonder why. must be for some stupid reasons.


i detest all the “orang-orang besar” when they’re on the road. The one’s where there’s a few police escorts on bikes, cars.. whateverlah. like i mentioned earlier that there was a big jam on the road (to be more precise, Jalan Tun Razak) and cars were not moving.. and on top of my blaring sounds of aoki playing in the car, i heard the sounds of sirens. looking into my left rear window, saw an escort rider coming between the cars. By the way, since the road was enough to fit 2 lanes, they still insisted that all the cars to move aside (and this was on the Tun Razak flyover by the way) to make way for the one with the title. Ish ish ish. tak reti ke that the road is enough for two lanes? sometimes i just dont get it why the ones with the title should be given better treatment when they’re on the road?

i WOULD definitely give way to ambulance, the fire truck.. but not the one’s with the title. i just dont see the logic of giving the priority to them while we’re on the road. Everyone should be treated as equals on the road, because definitely everyone/anyone has somewhere to go to.

its funny that i got pissed off to the extent of.. taking down the plate number. hehe. dont know why.

back to work. =|


just heavenly

its tuesday, but it feels like a monday because of the long weekend.

i still feel a lil bit woozy, but probably im just tired. mebbe im pms-ing =P .. anyhooo… was feeling a lil bit very hungry after lunch (yes, im turning into a fatso and the fact that i had roti telur and maggi in cup) and decided to go down to the cafe which i see most of the days from my office. “Just Heavenly”.



like the shop.. its just heavenly


The banana cream pie. yummyfrigginlicious.

Each and every bite I took.. Aduih.. it hits the spot lah,. Im going down again to get the buttercups now.

Let it be a sugar high afternoon for today!


suicide mission

i dont get it. how could you ask me to call the person who you’re into when im into you? weird. seriously weird. especially when the the girl knows that you like her and acknowledge.

it would be just fucking simple if you put a rifle to my head and blow my head up open?

seriously. it hurts.


roll roll roll your joint

its friday and i am.. actually home early. wow. *smirk*

well, have been bitching that for the past few days, life has been a bitch. yes indeed it has.

so yea.. i thought that i could wake up to a beautiful morning, but after the discussion yesterday about ghost stories with the guys from work.. gives me the shrills.. because during the drive to the office, could see that the clouds were gloomy and it didnt help that when i came into the office that juls were telling me that.. “the moon ring is an opening door to spirits”.. ishk. adake. tapi mungkin juga. menakutkan sekali.

ahh.. finally.. a lil bit busy at work. as i was in an anxious, excited mode to start being busy.. the whole week was indeed.. relaxing. i felt useless that i couldnt help because i know shitless but well i guess things are looking up! goodie goodie.

had a thought to myself this afternoon during lunch. i think im going to turn into a nun. going out with guys turns me off and girls these days. sigh. too much of things to dwell into. my sister told me, “never mess with a straight girl” but ive been dating straight girls. i totally agree with the keeper of the cosmic abyss. there should be no boundaries when it comes to love. love goes beyond gender, standards and many other things. seriously. sometimes i hate being who i am because of being so emotional and lovey dovey or whateverf*ck. i admit that i do fall for people easily, but to fall hard.. nope. not that easy. its fu*ked up that i have now, and am trying my best to get rid of it so everyf*ckingbody can just be happy. .. sigh.

i need to not think about you anymore. really. seriously. im not ready to stake myself. not just yet. the yoga teacher thing was the worst period ever and i am seriously not ready to walk down that road again.

ok. im off to go and roll.. some roll. haha. in need of a breather. mana la mamat nie.

i wont be blogging for the weekends.. MISSY ELLIOT, MALIQUE HERE I COME!

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