its been too long

its been too long.

i miss blogging. too much.

from my last post which was 2 weeks ago i think, everyday has been a roller coaster where a lot of things happened and in such a short span of time. for example, after numerous interviews that i went for, this was what happened two weeks ago:

Tuesday : Interview with the prospect company

Wednesday : Got offered the job

Thursday : Offer letter was prepared

Friday : Resigned from my job

All in a span of a week. The face which was displayed over the managers faces was “What? Youre leaving in a week?”.. My reaction : Smiling ear to ear. =) It was priceless to see their faces that I was leaving, but somehow it felt good for the second time to throw my letter in. A sense of relief came over me as I walked out through the company door on my last day.

I miss the people, I miss being the president of the Activity CLub but I dont miss the job. The job sucks. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can do what I was doing. I needed more.. So Im thankful that I finally get to do what I wanted which is ADVERTISING. =) Im pretty lucky to be where I am right now, without experience and starting fresh…and am getting a good starter salary for it. pretty good!

Anyways, theres a few more things which Im gonna be posting it later..which is pretty backlogged but seriously.. its a must to document my travel to Endau Rompin. Gorgeous!

Its pretty annoying that everytime since the past 2 weeks, i have things to blog about but ended up just switching on my thinkpad and doze off till morning. i think im gonna give it another 1 week before it blows up for not switching off. haha.

Owh. I bought a camera! a must show a must show. Will blog about it on another day. =)

Since Im bushwacked and stoned. hahaha. i dont think i have any other idea on what to blog about. But at least this will be a good step for me to start blogging again. Qookie.. WAKE UP WAKE UP.


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