moon river

its funny how sometimes mind games works on you like.. f*ck.

yea. got that from my good bud today and the other day. something about “have you been a good friend?”. the one she pulled the first time got me like…wack! i nearly went on a rampage because of the text messages received and at the end of it, they were like “dont la emo, we’re just playing with you”. Aduih. i love you guys still but dont la do until that mean. friendship means alot to me. and its something that i dont joke around about and can really get emotional over the matter. after having a talk with my good buddie *jiran*, it came to made me realize (i know its stupid that im only thinking about it now) that if people treat you like shit, just ignore. if people are rude to you (although they dont mean it and think that they can be far superior than you), just ignore. if people are treating you like an empty space, just ignore. some people can go about with no friends, but i do know that i need my friends besides me. at the age of 26, im sick of people walking over me, giving a slap in my face for the reason of better than good. screw that right now, im a free agent and i should give more space to what i feel is right, and not what you feel.


what else. oh ya. i kena saman today. a painstaking RM300. ARGH. Stupid policemen, but serves me right. dang ive gotta get myself a handsfree one of these days.

one more interesting thing happened today. a very unusual happening, theres a moon ring tonight. its gorgeous because its a refraction of the moon light. so i got curious and googled it and the result:

” an indication of bad weather coming.. and usually its in a form of a storm”

moon ring

after what happened in myanmar, killing hundred thousands of people.. will the same happen in this country? a lil too scary to know eh? gotta make sure that everythings going to be safe.

anyways, i hope i get out from this grouchy mood. am very very grouchy. very emo too. life & love. sigh.



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