just heavenly

its tuesday, but it feels like a monday because of the long weekend.

i still feel a lil bit woozy, but probably im just tired. mebbe im pms-ing =P .. anyhooo… was feeling a lil bit very hungry after lunch (yes, im turning into a fatso and the fact that i had roti telur and maggi in cup) and decided to go down to the cafe which i see most of the days from my office. “Just Heavenly”.



like the shop.. its just heavenly


The banana cream pie. yummyfrigginlicious.

Each and every bite I took.. Aduih.. it hits the spot lah,. Im going down again to get the buttercups now.

Let it be a sugar high afternoon for today!


1 Response to “just heavenly”

  1. May 20, 2008 at 4:13 pm

    I’m hungry. But I don’t want a banana pie. Heh.

    I’m in my caffein high afternoon yo!

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