the one’s with the title

stupid law.

on the way back from seeing a client in Jalan Ampang and seriously..dont know what the hell is wrong with KL today.. all roads in and out of the city was jammed. i wonder why. must be for some stupid reasons.


i detest all the “orang-orang besar” when they’re on the road. The one’s where there’s a few police escorts on bikes, cars.. whateverlah. like i mentioned earlier that there was a big jam on the road (to be more precise, Jalan Tun Razak) and cars were not moving.. and on top of my blaring sounds of aoki playing in the car, i heard the sounds of sirens. looking into my left rear window, saw an escort rider coming between the cars. By the way, since the road was enough to fit 2 lanes, they still insisted that all the cars to move aside (and this was on the Tun Razak flyover by the way) to make way for the one with the title. Ish ish ish. tak reti ke that the road is enough for two lanes? sometimes i just dont get it why the ones with the title should be given better treatment when they’re on the road?

i WOULD definitely give way to ambulance, the fire truck.. but not the one’s with the title. i just dont see the logic of giving the priority to them while we’re on the road. Everyone should be treated as equals on the road, because definitely everyone/anyone has somewhere to go to.

its funny that i got pissed off to the extent of.. taking down the plate number. hehe. dont know why.

back to work. =|


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