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escape to urbanscapes!




finally its the weekends! and am definitely looking forward to it..

something which i have been waiting for over the past 4 years because i missed the first one, URBANSCAPES will be on tomorrow at KLPAC, starting at 12pm and will end at 12am. cant wait cant wait!

apart from the acts line-up tomorrow which im looking forward to see Estrella.. am also looking forward to party during the LapSap session and also (a lot of also arr) to drop by at the Digital Malaya Project gallery. Things to See, Places to Go and People to Do  to say hi too. Heh heh. And not to forget, the Palate Pallete’s bbq chow and beer and things to shop would be an ideal Saturday for me. Much needed day out.

Will be partying and cam-whoring a lot tommorow, so URBANSCAPES here I come!


shadow of confusion

“Do what you feel in you heart and mind to be right, for you will be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t”

post for today. i just dont know what i want.

*Camwhoring at 730am before work. Thought that the lighting was just perfect.*




not amused

.the more things change, the more they remain insane.

i am beginning to be not so amused with the occurence of self annoyance.

i am known for being very patient and people around me would just be worried if im going to explode at anytime. it has been a while, and this new job has not yet unleash what i was in my previous company. never in a day at my new job have i lost my temper or show any signs of myself being pissed off.

today’s the day.

I’ve been maintaining myself to be the usual crazy-self..and when i got to my car, the first thing i did was scream my hearts out and put on my chemical bros CD and cranked it up. seriously, haven’t felt so furious in a long time.

well, haven’tgot to the part about what i was angry about. mostly, it is definitely a repressed anger somesort, and what ive been sick about is on people’s behaviour. i know sometimes i can be selfish because im just sick of being stepped over by the one you love, the ones you like and the one youre close to. im sick of still being the nice one to tolerate the nonsensical attitudes which goes around every single day. sometimes, the feeling can get very… hypocritical where the situation was all acted on pretense. well, maybe librans are just cursed on being the one who pleases others and not oneself.

and i am F gonna party this weekend at Urbanscapes! LapSap and stuff. I want. I want em all.

ok. dah. lega. maybe it was a long day.. or maybe i was just pms-ing..thats why am feeling like this.

bOoOO. ive gotta get myself some sleep.




its only thursday.. damn tired la.

well, ive been actually trying to blog since the past few days, but selalu ada gangguan. kacau. so most of my posts are just drafts, and i cannot be bothered to go and look back at em and continue or re-write.

last weekend was simply crazy and this week has started off pretty well i would say. dont think ive ever been so bold enough to go up to people to get to know them or for some to get to know them even better *wink* =) just realized that ive been more sociable now and it feels good to not pretend to be someone who i am not and to just be myself and be accepted as who i am. happy happy joy joy!

will post some pics later lah. just want to gatal get a post up. =P


switched on.

switched on.

switched off.

switched on.

switched off.

switched on..

very pleasant talk i had on the phone after my screwed up drama of passing out after junkyard and bodega. anyways, im quite a pussy after i broke up last year and have been sleeping with the lights on. occasional off, but most of the time on.

after the phone call i made after waking up from my drunken slumber, i switched off the lights, and went to sleep.

thank you for making me feel good, i feel whole again.


fuel price hike up

its sure is a shitty wednesday.

work has been great. people here are awesome and i definitely am loving it here.

but that doesnt stop me from feeling very shitty. woke up with a huge pain in my head, sickening looking eyes and the feeling of a cat trying to escape my throat.

lesson learnt : screw you burger stall for serving me rotten onions in the burger. screw you.

havent had a good meal up to today, where i had the malay pack rice food. thank you makcik for giving me the best meal for this week which i dont have to bawl over at the toilet bowl like what i have been doing for the past 3 days. i heart you. 😉

interesting part of the day. fuel prices are going up. RM2.80 for a bloody 1 litre of fuel. i dont know how the hell am gonna manage this month. shit.

yeah. think its time to sell off some body parts.


Jam in Jalan 222 to fill up!

taken at 830pm after the annoucement, spent 1 1/2 hours waiting for my turn to fill up the gas. crazy i tell you. it was like a warzone. seriously. freaking dumb that they raised it up more than 20%. crazy, simply crazy!


alice in wonderwoozieland

i have learnt my lesson. not to be too stoned to go out.

seriously. its not funny when you’re driving and the roads were twirling like as if it was from the set of “alice in the wonderland” the movie. it was definitely totally painful.

anyways. that was my saturday and sunday turned out to be pleasant indeed. =D

was hanging out in pavillion and bumped into Tun Mahathir. Got a lil excited so i went to take pix with him and Tun Hasmah (pix still pending from MsSunshine) and funny thing after that, my dad called me. The thing about Tun Mahathir and my dad is that they look alike (will post the comparison pics later). So yea, the odds of the appearance of dad and mahathir on the same day is totally uncanny. as much as I dislike to be around my dad, it was weird that I actually didnt mind talking to him. well, lets just hope for the good that the relationship will be better.

Tun Mahathir, Tun Hasmah and Tun Qookie

~Tun Qookie. Tun Hasmah. Tun Mahathir~

it has been a tiring session for me last week. it feels good that my social network has expanded and found a whole lot more interesting things which I was actually not aware of. more dates, more people to get to know and seriously.. im just blessed. =) however, as much as i’ve been going on dates, there would be one person that i can never forget. the girl who lost her mind. (if she reads this blog, am pretty sure she knows who i was talking about. =P) been having a lot of dreams about her lately, and whoa.. i missed her alot. dates are not the same like when i go on dinner dates with her or other stuffs. shes one of the girls who appears to be very mysterious to me which i cannot crack and for that reason i am drawn to her more. oh well, if im lucky, ill get to go on dates with her again. =)

what else.. went for a play last week… P Ramlee the musical.. it was okay for the first half and hilarious on the second half. its nice to hang out with the bunch of people who comes from different backgrounds and at the end of the day, what we do is have good clean fun. i heart you people.. =D

P Ramlee the Musical

 * P Ramlee the Impersonator *

Its a sunny sunny day!

*my idea of a perfect day*

well, as much as i dont want this to turn into “what did i do” blog. mebbe i should just stop here for now. i need to be inspired again lah. and the only one who made me feel inspired to write/sing, you know who you are. =)

so note for today : do not eat a whole magic cookie. danger danger! =P and a dslr is on the way!