alice in wonderwoozieland

i have learnt my lesson. not to be too stoned to go out.

seriously. its not funny when you’re driving and the roads were twirling like as if it was from the set of “alice in the wonderland” the movie. it was definitely totally painful.

anyways. that was my saturday and sunday turned out to be pleasant indeed. =D

was hanging out in pavillion and bumped into Tun Mahathir. Got a lil excited so i went to take pix with him and Tun Hasmah (pix still pending from MsSunshine) and funny thing after that, my dad called me. The thing about Tun Mahathir and my dad is that they look alike (will post the comparison pics later). So yea, the odds of the appearance of dad and mahathir on the same day is totally uncanny. as much as I dislike to be around my dad, it was weird that I actually didnt mind talking to him. well, lets just hope for the good that the relationship will be better.

Tun Mahathir, Tun Hasmah and Tun Qookie

~Tun Qookie. Tun Hasmah. Tun Mahathir~

it has been a tiring session for me last week. it feels good that my social network has expanded and found a whole lot more interesting things which I was actually not aware of. more dates, more people to get to know and seriously.. im just blessed. =) however, as much as i’ve been going on dates, there would be one person that i can never forget. the girl who lost her mind. (if she reads this blog, am pretty sure she knows who i was talking about. =P) been having a lot of dreams about her lately, and whoa.. i missed her alot. dates are not the same like when i go on dinner dates with her or other stuffs. shes one of the girls who appears to be very mysterious to me which i cannot crack and for that reason i am drawn to her more. oh well, if im lucky, ill get to go on dates with her again. =)

what else.. went for a play last week… P Ramlee the musical.. it was okay for the first half and hilarious on the second half. its nice to hang out with the bunch of people who comes from different backgrounds and at the end of the day, what we do is have good clean fun. i heart you people.. =D

P Ramlee the Musical

 * P Ramlee the Impersonator *

Its a sunny sunny day!

*my idea of a perfect day*

well, as much as i dont want this to turn into “what did i do” blog. mebbe i should just stop here for now. i need to be inspired again lah. and the only one who made me feel inspired to write/sing, you know who you are. =)

so note for today : do not eat a whole magic cookie. danger danger! =P and a dslr is on the way!


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