fuel price hike up

its sure is a shitty wednesday.

work has been great. people here are awesome and i definitely am loving it here.

but that doesnt stop me from feeling very shitty. woke up with a huge pain in my head, sickening looking eyes and the feeling of a cat trying to escape my throat.

lesson learnt : screw you burger stall for serving me rotten onions in the burger. screw you.

havent had a good meal up to today, where i had the malay pack rice food. thank you makcik for giving me the best meal for this week which i dont have to bawl over at the toilet bowl like what i have been doing for the past 3 days. i heart you. 😉

interesting part of the day. fuel prices are going up. RM2.80 for a bloody 1 litre of fuel. i dont know how the hell am gonna manage this month. shit.

yeah. think its time to sell off some body parts.


Jam in Jalan 222 to fill up!

taken at 830pm after the annoucement, spent 1 1/2 hours waiting for my turn to fill up the gas. crazy i tell you. it was like a warzone. seriously. freaking dumb that they raised it up more than 20%. crazy, simply crazy!


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