not amused

.the more things change, the more they remain insane.

i am beginning to be not so amused with the occurence of self annoyance.

i am known for being very patient and people around me would just be worried if im going to explode at anytime. it has been a while, and this new job has not yet unleash what i was in my previous company. never in a day at my new job have i lost my temper or show any signs of myself being pissed off.

today’s the day.

I’ve been maintaining myself to be the usual crazy-self..and when i got to my car, the first thing i did was scream my hearts out and put on my chemical bros CD and cranked it up. seriously, haven’t felt so furious in a long time.

well, haven’tgot to the part about what i was angry about. mostly, it is definitely a repressed anger somesort, and what ive been sick about is on people’s behaviour. i know sometimes i can be selfish because im just sick of being stepped over by the one you love, the ones you like and the one youre close to. im sick of still being the nice one to tolerate the nonsensical attitudes which goes around every single day. sometimes, the feeling can get very… hypocritical where the situation was all acted on pretense. well, maybe librans are just cursed on being the one who pleases others and not oneself.

and i am F gonna party this weekend at Urbanscapes! LapSap and stuff. I want. I want em all.

ok. dah. lega. maybe it was a long day.. or maybe i was just pms-ing..thats why am feeling like this.

bOoOO. ive gotta get myself some sleep.



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