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kumbaya…oh kumbaya

less than 12 hours before i head out of town. I LOIKE.

getting away from all the madness in KL, definitely. the holiday that ive been looking forward to since december has finally come. RAINFOREST BABY!

whoa. to come to think about it.. the split second decision i made half year ago is actually happening. this is definitely the most random thing ive ever done, blowing a whole lump sum of money to go for a long vaccay. l.o.v.e.l.y.

too much has been happening for the past week and this holiday definitely come at the right time. the time where i need to clear my head on a lot of stuff which has been just hanging there and not moving on.

i think the longer if i stay here, would just love to have a car going on high speed to just roll me over. and a classic situation which happens everytime i go for a trip has happened again and again. well, at least i know what to expect in the future. dissapointing, rather effing dissapointing. hope that the situation turns for the better for the other one.

well, goodbye city and will be back in another 7 days!


it just feel like a monday

ya know… mondays will always be monday.. blue..

and i felt like im having a two monday weekday. which terribly sucked.. from the beginning.

please ignore me if im gonna rant and rant.. but just cant help it.

how the day started, interesting. woke up to a beautiful morning (since i fixed my curtains and now the light from the sun which comes into the room is less), took my time to get ready for work and went out. as soon as i got into my car and drove off from the house, i realised that the sun was just a tad strong and i also realized that my sunnies were with my mom. well, it doesnt hurt to enjoy a little sunshine. 🙂

went to the petrol station to get some gas and since i was a little hungry.. thought that i could swing some yogurt to bring with me to work.. so i swiped my card and asked the attendant to man the pump for me while i run in and make sure that he fills only RM40. ran in, got my stuff and went to my car.. and saw on the pump meter display.. FUCKING RM89.10! i was like.. wtf?! didnt i tell you specific instructions that i fucking want only RM40??! Geez! fine. let that go. wasnt so much of a biggie because its just fuel. i was just pretty much upset that instructions are meant to be followed but it was not. started my car and drove to federal hway to get to work.. and lookie lookie.. after 2 months of working, never did i get stuck in a jam! strike 2.

well, the rest of the day went just fine apart from the ‘ever-bright’ sunshine. yes it was pretty hot at the level where anybody can just pretty much get their mood ruin and turn cranky. i guess i was one of the people who got a lil effected by the heat and of course.. i did. the jam around town didnt help of course but i was just pretty glad that the day ended being back in the office.

and so i thought.. maybe things will turn out better at tonights drink. drinks went fine. but not the after drinks…

i actually wrote something else before this, and was thinking long and hard to myself. why am i hiding the fact which happened. so here goes.

what actually happened was, i was robbed in bloody pavilion last night.. in the middle of the mall.. going down the escalator towards the parking and for god sakes, there were people. as i was going down.. there was somebody behind me poking something sharp and said “give me your money and dont look back”. thinking that i didnt want to cause a commotion and we were on the bloody escalator, i decided to just take out the money i have (which was quite a sum) and gave it to him.. someone asked me today.. why didnt you scream for help? i was like.. its on a bloody escalator, i had a knife aimed right at my back, and you want me to scream? think of the consequences of what could happen? think?

sigh. cream of the crop.

i hope tomorrow would be a good day. its just one of those days where its just a monday. its wednesday tomorrow.. hope it will feel like a friday.

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