kumbaya…oh kumbaya

less than 12 hours before i head out of town. I LOIKE.

getting away from all the madness in KL, definitely. the holiday that ive been looking forward to since december has finally come. RAINFOREST BABY!

whoa. to come to think about it.. the split second decision i made half year ago is actually happening. this is definitely the most random thing ive ever done, blowing a whole lump sum of money to go for a long vaccay. l.o.v.e.l.y.

too much has been happening for the past week and this holiday definitely come at the right time. the time where i need to clear my head on a lot of stuff which has been just hanging there and not moving on.

i think the longer if i stay here, would just love to have a car going on high speed to just roll me over. and a classic situation which happens everytime i go for a trip has happened again and again. well, at least i know what to expect in the future. dissapointing, rather effing dissapointing. hope that the situation turns for the better for the other one.

well, goodbye city and will be back in another 7 days!


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