cheezy, definitely cheezy.

if youre desperate, anything goes

well, that was what i was saw tonight at a party i went to. hungry ladies looking to attack others and some lonely ones who are dying to get a good conversation. as much as some are in a denial that they do not require any attention, at the end of the day.. the people who are in the room are definitely looking for some other mere soul to just effing entertain them.

and subconciously, i may be one of them. after 1 and a half year of dodging a what you call it.. ’stable relationship’ or in short marriage to my ex partner, ive been going on a lot of dates up till now and to admit it.. YES, I AM TIRED OF IT.

its not that im looking for someone to settle down with. to even effing say the word ‘L.O.V.E.’ out loud, will never come.however, being human definitely makes you have all this wanting and feeling of having something to make yourself feel contented, but what would it be? that, i guess we’ll have to wait for what fate has for each one of us.

its quite funnylah when i tell some people that im pretty tired of going on dates and just want to go back to having that one person in your life. and at this point of time, i cant make up with my mind that should i go date a guy or a girl. sometimes its much simpler to date a girl because i know how jerky or an ass a guy can be, but somehow when you get a guy to like you for who you really are, the feeling of curiousity and doubt comes along.

sigh. how drama. bosan siut.


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