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*where the fuck does everybody go when they say they have to go?*

well said Gia.

its been a good weekend where ive spent the time sleeping, watching back to back dvd’s and avoiding all forms of calls and invites to go out. armed with my ipod and laptop, here i am sitting down surfing at one of the mushrooming outlet old town kopitiam in pj. its a saturday night and here i am, not having plans. oh so wonderful. =D

bukit tabur, 2008. somehow this picture to me translates to how alone one can get.
taken with nikon d40.

my eyes darted from one table to the next and this is what i saw:
1. a table where friends are laughing out loud.. hmm. maybe some interesting jokes going about there
2. a table where one was pouring her hearts out to another friend (this is can see due to the intensity of the conversation, theyre just next door… =) )
3. a table where one person is on the laptop, leaving the other friend looking into blank space.
4. and a table where a couple is gazing into each other’s eyes.

and myself.. here. alone with my laptop and ipod.

lang tengah, 2008.
taken with nikon d40.

i remembered being in a few conversations on the topic of being alone. and well, i was one of the huge mass where it is totally “not cool” to go out dinner, watching a movie, having a drink alone. i was not used to the idea of not having someone with me and keep on dragging whoever i want to be out with me. thanks to ms lucy diamond for kicking her feet up my ass or whatever to make me realize how stupid the idea is.

well, sometimes if you look at it from a different angle.. it is quite a sucky thing to be alone. to feel that nobody is there for you and etc. look at it this way where the time that you have to be alone is where you hit the pause button on life where everything around you is on hold and what matters is you alone.

once you’re done. hit play. and life goes on.

and im sure that some of you would have days where you just wish that you are someplace quiet and just be by yourself.


guthrie golf course, 2008. taken from sony w850i, i mish it. =(

and now, to go back to watch more angelina jolie movies. hehe. its gonna be a full weekend of her. woohoo!


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