a monday..a tuesday.. a…

dont you just hate it when you have so many things to write about but you dont have the time and when you have the time and be in front of the pc your mind goes blank? I HATE THAT.

well, my birthday weekend has passed and definitely..me and the other birthday girls agreed that it has been an eventful month.

what have i been doing for the past 1 week since my bday.

Friday – dinner with family at 8 in Sri Siam, then went to Le Deli Hartamas to meet up with some and then Changkat Bukit Bintang.. where i ended up passing out. Hahaha.

Saturday – hibernated the whole fucking day

Sunday – Went out for my birthday breakfast with my 2 lovelies, Curve and went back home to hibernate.

Fucking awesome weekend.

Monday – got completely sloshed at an event which i was working at, and had Nur and Mira and Abby to come and gave me a “good lecture” hehe. thanks guys appreciate.

Tuesday – Got auctioned off at a charity event where the proceeds goes to the malnourished kids. Someone bought me for RM500. whoa! thanks! now i know how much im worth for.

So ya. All this happened within less than a week. Very the eventful week. Now to go and zzz.


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