that tired weekend

weekend was just fantastic. and twas an eventful week too!

Tuesday – Thirtyfour event

camwhore shot in eckywobee ttdi plaza

camwhore shot in eckywobee ttdi plaza

the first day after EONS that i started bck using a dress. and it made me feel so goodie good! hee.. but well, for the launch.. the bag collection (this is where my femme side struts out) was actually really nice and if i wasnt that broke.. i wouldve get a couple! but hey! they gave us a small door gift which was a wallet-kinda-thing which is quite cool.

Wednesday –  Augustman Launch

A very glitzy evening in Fukuya Restaurant KL, where all the good looking men are at and also a well done event because of the ambient and also the private rooms. theres a cigar room and also the blackjack room. well, despite the rain, the performance was awesome and met a bunch of nice people. =)

Dennis the Awesome Violinist!~

Dennis the Awesome Violinist!~

And.. the highlight for the week : tan tara tan tara!
Saturday – CHIC CODE: Androgyny
was asked to display my stuff, as in my style at the event and the whole thurs, friday i was freaking out because i didnt do laundry and i couldnt think of what to display. so after a hard time thinking (with the help of alcohol hee hee while putting stuff together), here is what i came out with:
Style No. 1

Style No. 1

Style No. 2

Style No. 2

Style No. 3

Style No. 3

its funny tho.. because.. to tell you the truth.. i never tried whatever i’ve put up! so yea.. am gonna experiment more now hehehe..

well. fun weekend.. and fun people around! glad that i did this! 🙂


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