the ban

first they ban tomboys. then they ban yoga. whats next?

i think they should ban all forms of exercises like qi gong, tai chi, even running, karate or whatever sports which originated from different countries due to its influence. They should also ban gyms or even the simplest form of exercise.. jogging.. since its from a western culture.. STUPID LAH.

went to breakfast this morning and was reading the papers and came across a feed that the fatwa on yoga was being put on hold for some states as they (the National Fatwa committee) did not present to the State Fatwa committee. Good job!

and then, feeling a lil bit annoyed i continued flipping on a few more pages and something else caught my eye :

Fatwa against Smoking

What the fuck lah kan?

Well, thats Indonesia’s problem and I hope that “thought” would not come into the heads of the Committee here in Malaysia. blergh. Damn bodoh.

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