the accident – 02/12/2008

ive been so out of it.

sorry for not been posting for quite a while tho i miss blogging. but feeling damn sien.

that accident last tuesday, kindly changed me a bit. ive become a person whos more quiet and not as “energetic” as how i used to for several weeks prior to the accident. have been feeling damn tired, damn nauseatic, damn pening and damn.. out of it. usually when i hear that theres a TAG night, or a party night.. i get all happy and bubbly about it but whoa, i actually missed the opening night and also ditched all the events which has been going on last week/weekend. its not that i malas to go, but seriously.. i think if i went im sure to just.. vomit. or drop dead or something.

 thats the spot where i crashed

thats the spot where i crashed

went to visit oskar at the workshop the other day and at the same time to clear my insurance processes, was feeling damn bummed out to see how he was. 

 oskar yang sakit

oskar yang sakit

i saw oskar, and i nearly cried. something that i damn sayang is not looking so good. 😦

but anyways.. it was a blessing in disguise. it could get worst. thank god that out of that accident i just had a mild concussion, well..wouldnt call it a whiplash really but other people say it is.. i would say a stiff neck.. and also grazed my neck because of the impact of the hit and the seatbelt left me a cut. chis. and some people thought that it happened from a ganas sex session or something. *smacks head*

theres the cut

theres the cut

so yea. hope to recover fast so i can join back you party animals. i miss you people. blergh.


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