happy birthday mom!

its me mom’s birthday today.. the actual one!

why do i say this.. because every year she messes with her kids mind that her birthday falls on both 9th and the 13th of Dec. For the past years (and I cant remember because I was still very young), we’ve been celebrating her birthday on both days. Lucky mom! Thought that me and my sister got it cleared last year that her birthday is ONLY on the 13th, but this year we were confused again. I kinda cheated my mom about trying to find out whats her birthdate:

<Conversation took place on 9th Dec 08>

Me: Mom, what you doing arr?

Mom: Main Golf la. apelagi.

Me: Mom.. I need to fill in this application form, and it requires for the parent(s) IC number, whats yours ar?

Mom: What for?

Me: Erm.. dont laugh ar mom.. its for.. something la.. surprise for you..

Mom: I love surprises!

Me: And?

Mom: xx1213..dash..

Me: Okay. i need the first 6 digits only!

Mom: Thats weird. hmm. EH.. YOU CHEAT ME! forgot my birthday again ah?

The night of her birthday dinner, we had this conversation on fatwa’s. Well, there was a lot of hype on the fatwa on yoga, and this has stir up quite a few thoughts and opinions on what else should be banned. Mom was sharing with us some conversation she had at the golf club with her mates.

They say.. if they have fatwa against yoga, they should have it for all the sports as well… especially. GOLF. why?

Reason 1: Its a mix game between men and women

Reason 2: Walking on the course may cause some panting (this one my mom say one)

Reason 3: Waste of time

Reason 4: “Tidak mendatangkan apa apa faedah”

Reason 5: May increase the possibility of maksiat

And so many other funny comments. which i think.. ya. the Fatwa council should just ban all the sports since its so damn salah.

anyhoo. i love you mom. happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead. kisses.


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