looking up

well, things has started to look up a lil bit.

sorry wall, have not been posting anything for the past week since have been a lil under the weather.. the headpains, the nausea, the asthma.. sigh.


went for a scan and the results came back that i had a swollen nerve at the top part of my neck, which connects to the brains.. so there was not enough oxygen or whatever pumping up to my brain.. thats why ive been having all this pain. apparently the first doctor that i went for diagnosed me wrongly and said that it was just a minor concussion but in actual fact it was a bloody major one. bongok nak mampus. at least now i know that theres nothing else which is wrong with me. hurrah!

what else. finally got money. heh. yea. the money ive been waiting for has finally came in.. but not my paycheck tho.. darn.. need to get xmas pressies. and OSKAR IS COMING BACK TMR!! geez, i miss him so much. since the accident, ive been driving so many different cars and i guess now im just used to driving a stick shift instead of an auto car. but whatever lah. i want my car back. yeay yeay yeay yeay.. *jumping with utmost joy!*

anyways, will be putting up what ive been getting for christmas this year.. and i love all my pressies! no time now. tomorrow then!

and to that pretty little flower.. you’re making me smiley. 😉



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