im a fatso

maybe because im happy, i dont know.. just maybe.

since thursday, my appetite has grown to the tahap kurang ajar..in just less tham a few days, i realized the flab which has stupendously grown on my tummy. sigh.

this has got to stop. binging? i really dont know.

what i had:

thursday for lunch:
michaelangelo – pepperoni calzone, soft shell crabs and a half of caesar salad from jac
friday and saturday:
i cant remember but i had more than 2 dishes per seating
woke up at 12, had mixed rice, kfc snack plate and again michaelangelo’s set lunch. and all that within 3 hours. fuck fuck. continued with fried rice and a chocolate sunday. AARGH.
had chicken rice for lunch, bought cheezels and ice cream to accompany my lunch, then went to mid valley and bought a sambal ikan bilis bun and a bbq chicken fried pau and corn in cup.
my colleague was just lookin in disbelief the more i bought food. hehe. sorry dude.
and for dinner today.. 14 pieces of chicken wing. omfg.
i may need help. hahahaha.

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