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its that time again

yes folks.

i want to move my blog again. heee heee. click here.

so instead of importing my stuff to blogspot, ill still keep this active since there are still info on travel stuff and all. k?



politics… bah.

Yes.. Indeed it is a sensitive issue to touch about.
But fuck that. Im just a lil bit pissy about this issue on office politics.
I used to thought that theres no such thing because I was in a company where we actually practice being open-minded and say what do you think is right to your managers where this promotes a healthy debate or constructive opinions for everyone’s benefit. Towards the end of my working period, what I think didnt exist.. does. Office politics.. does exist. Mind me for being stupid enough.
Well, got myself a new job after that and joined the company where the people are lovely.. and after more than half a year working here, I realised, again.. the politics are back and its annoying.
Really.. never trust anybody who you work with.. doesnt matter if youre close as buddies. Colleagues are still colleagues and sometimes they do stuff that they want to just get ahead.

Wayang Kata VII

interested to check out the up and coming poet readers? and also the ones yang already established lah..


Yes.. you see my name there.. but its not me okeh? Its my sister.. so if you guys have nothing to do.. please do come and drop by the Annexe, Central Market to have a listen.

Oh ya. Polar bear is there too.. and also Rafiq.. Imma love his stuff~ 😉

See you guys there!

for more info :


im a fatso

maybe because im happy, i dont know.. just maybe.

since thursday, my appetite has grown to the tahap kurang just less tham a few days, i realized the flab which has stupendously grown on my tummy. sigh.

this has got to stop. binging? i really dont know.

what i had:

thursday for lunch:
michaelangelo – pepperoni calzone, soft shell crabs and a half of caesar salad from jac
friday and saturday:
i cant remember but i had more than 2 dishes per seating
woke up at 12, had mixed rice, kfc snack plate and again michaelangelo’s set lunch. and all that within 3 hours. fuck fuck. continued with fried rice and a chocolate sunday. AARGH.
had chicken rice for lunch, bought cheezels and ice cream to accompany my lunch, then went to mid valley and bought a sambal ikan bilis bun and a bbq chicken fried pau and corn in cup.
my colleague was just lookin in disbelief the more i bought food. hehe. sorry dude.
and for dinner today.. 14 pieces of chicken wing. omfg.
i may need help. hahahaha.

damn. its the new year!

i know ive not been posting. no time la.

anyways, happy new year 2009 to all of you.

y’know.. this time around (last year).. sure got.. something one. i have decided and conclude that my luck when it comes to having a commitment with anyone will definitely turned sour.

for the past 2 years… everytime i get myself into something (a potential).. when it first starts, it definitely goes smooth.. and comes to one part of it.. (which usually last for about a month).. the person im hanging out with will turn ill all of a sudden.. and BAM.. the next day.. sure that person have a change of heart about the whole thing.

well. they say that 3 times a charm or also bad luck happens in 3’s.. so yea.. i think i just went through my 3rd time and hope that the next person who comes by will be just.. good for me.

i hate this feeling where you know for sure that both feelings are mutual. so at least now i know that if its too good to be true.. get out of it as soon as possible.

have a good day all. im going to zzz. it has been a painful emotional drive for the past few days.


the four rooms

paid a visit to quattro yesterday.

my opinion on the place. it sucks. big time. give me the bars on changkat and ill be happy.

very the chinky la. cannot tahan. blergh.


looking up

well, things has started to look up a lil bit.

sorry wall, have not been posting anything for the past week since have been a lil under the weather.. the headpains, the nausea, the asthma.. sigh.


went for a scan and the results came back that i had a swollen nerve at the top part of my neck, which connects to the brains.. so there was not enough oxygen or whatever pumping up to my brain.. thats why ive been having all this pain. apparently the first doctor that i went for diagnosed me wrongly and said that it was just a minor concussion but in actual fact it was a bloody major one. bongok nak mampus. at least now i know that theres nothing else which is wrong with me. hurrah!

what else. finally got money. heh. yea. the money ive been waiting for has finally came in.. but not my paycheck tho.. darn.. need to get xmas pressies. and OSKAR IS COMING BACK TMR!! geez, i miss him so much. since the accident, ive been driving so many different cars and i guess now im just used to driving a stick shift instead of an auto car. but whatever lah. i want my car back. yeay yeay yeay yeay.. *jumping with utmost joy!*

anyways, will be putting up what ive been getting for christmas this year.. and i love all my pressies! no time now. tomorrow then!

and to that pretty little flower.. you’re making me smiley. 😉


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