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its that time again

yes folks.

i want to move my blog again. heee heee. click here.

so instead of importing my stuff to blogspot, ill still keep this active since there are still info on travel stuff and all. k?



im a fatso

maybe because im happy, i dont know.. just maybe.

since thursday, my appetite has grown to the tahap kurang just less tham a few days, i realized the flab which has stupendously grown on my tummy. sigh.

this has got to stop. binging? i really dont know.

what i had:

thursday for lunch:
michaelangelo – pepperoni calzone, soft shell crabs and a half of caesar salad from jac
friday and saturday:
i cant remember but i had more than 2 dishes per seating
woke up at 12, had mixed rice, kfc snack plate and again michaelangelo’s set lunch. and all that within 3 hours. fuck fuck. continued with fried rice and a chocolate sunday. AARGH.
had chicken rice for lunch, bought cheezels and ice cream to accompany my lunch, then went to mid valley and bought a sambal ikan bilis bun and a bbq chicken fried pau and corn in cup.
my colleague was just lookin in disbelief the more i bought food. hehe. sorry dude.
and for dinner today.. 14 pieces of chicken wing. omfg.
i may need help. hahahaha.

looking up

well, things has started to look up a lil bit.

sorry wall, have not been posting anything for the past week since have been a lil under the weather.. the headpains, the nausea, the asthma.. sigh.


went for a scan and the results came back that i had a swollen nerve at the top part of my neck, which connects to the brains.. so there was not enough oxygen or whatever pumping up to my brain.. thats why ive been having all this pain. apparently the first doctor that i went for diagnosed me wrongly and said that it was just a minor concussion but in actual fact it was a bloody major one. bongok nak mampus. at least now i know that theres nothing else which is wrong with me. hurrah!

what else. finally got money. heh. yea. the money ive been waiting for has finally came in.. but not my paycheck tho.. darn.. need to get xmas pressies. and OSKAR IS COMING BACK TMR!! geez, i miss him so much. since the accident, ive been driving so many different cars and i guess now im just used to driving a stick shift instead of an auto car. but whatever lah. i want my car back. yeay yeay yeay yeay.. *jumping with utmost joy!*

anyways, will be putting up what ive been getting for christmas this year.. and i love all my pressies! no time now. tomorrow then!

and to that pretty little flower.. you’re making me smiley. 😉



where have all the babies gone?

missing the nirwana sessions, missing the beering session. missing us.

i miss my october babies. 😦




happy birthday mom!

its me mom’s birthday today.. the actual one!

why do i say this.. because every year she messes with her kids mind that her birthday falls on both 9th and the 13th of Dec. For the past years (and I cant remember because I was still very young), we’ve been celebrating her birthday on both days. Lucky mom! Thought that me and my sister got it cleared last year that her birthday is ONLY on the 13th, but this year we were confused again. I kinda cheated my mom about trying to find out whats her birthdate:

<Conversation took place on 9th Dec 08>

Me: Mom, what you doing arr?

Mom: Main Golf la. apelagi.

Me: Mom.. I need to fill in this application form, and it requires for the parent(s) IC number, whats yours ar?

Mom: What for?

Me: Erm.. dont laugh ar mom.. its for.. something la.. surprise for you..

Mom: I love surprises!

Me: And?

Mom: xx1213..dash..

Me: Okay. i need the first 6 digits only!

Mom: Thats weird. hmm. EH.. YOU CHEAT ME! forgot my birthday again ah?

The night of her birthday dinner, we had this conversation on fatwa’s. Well, there was a lot of hype on the fatwa on yoga, and this has stir up quite a few thoughts and opinions on what else should be banned. Mom was sharing with us some conversation she had at the golf club with her mates.

They say.. if they have fatwa against yoga, they should have it for all the sports as well… especially. GOLF. why?

Reason 1: Its a mix game between men and women

Reason 2: Walking on the course may cause some panting (this one my mom say one)

Reason 3: Waste of time

Reason 4: “Tidak mendatangkan apa apa faedah”

Reason 5: May increase the possibility of maksiat

And so many other funny comments. which i think.. ya. the Fatwa council should just ban all the sports since its so damn salah.

anyhoo. i love you mom. happy birthday and have a wonderful year ahead. kisses.


Protocol Weddings

seriously, i hate weddings which involves royalty.

doesnt matter, whether they are of royal blood or friends to the royals, i just dont give a hoot. anyways, what pisses me off is that it takes a longer time to greet dem` royals and very minimal time for us.. peasants. 😉

anyways, am a bit marah la that me and CND was suppose to say a thing or two to the bride of the night, but we were cut off directly after the video session. ARGH. penat je buat speech tu. but anyways, here’s how the text goes.

” Nell: Bismillahhiraahman nirrahim. Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra, The Crown Prince of Kelantan. Ampun Tuanku.

Tan sri Tan sri, Puan Sri-Puan Sri, Datuk-datuk, Datin-Datin Ladies and Gentleman. Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all.
For those of you who dont know us:
Nana :I’m Nana
Nell : and I’m Nell,  we’re the close friends of the bride
Before we begin, on behalf of all our friends who are here.. Ili.. we would like to say that how beautiful and radiant you look today, indeed it truly is a special day for all of us.
Standing here today, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the newly weds on your precious and lifelong journey together and commend you for the courage that was taken for each of you to find one another and join as one.
I have many memories of wonderful times with Ili, as we all have and will cherish them forever. And now, the fondest one would be this moment, to watch this eventful day where Ili marry the love of her life, her companion, her bestfriend.
In the past years, we have seen you both grow as individuals and flourish as a couple. Separately you both are very special, remarkable people, and together you complete each other.
Today we celebrate everything you have found in each other, A-best-friend, A soulmate and a partner for life.
Nana: ”Ladies and gentlemen, Just a brief on the bride. She’s the eldest daughter of Datuk Hashim and Datin Sri Nurestri and a loving sister and a role model to her twin brothers. On the other note, Ili and I have known each other since high school. Since then we have shared memorable moments and her wedding is no exception. Ili, in you I have found a sister, friend, therapist, comedien and partner-in-crime. And tonight, my best friend is officially a wife. You are unlike anyone I have ever met, or am likely to meet. Your presence in my life over the past years has impacted me greatly. You wonderful nature and patience are some of your wonderful characteristics.
Nana: Farhan, your bride is a gift to you. I would just like you to know that you have found a worthy companion who will honor her wedding vows and my wish for you both is that this love will continue to flourish and that those of us here today will be inspired to renew the love in our own lives as well.
Its true what they say, where its not about marrying who you can live with, but its more to marry who you cant live without. To love, to laugh and to live happily ever after.
Congratulations again to the bride and the groom. “

Well Ili.. Wish you all the best! Love love.

Me and CND

Me and CND


the accident – 02/12/2008

ive been so out of it.

sorry for not been posting for quite a while tho i miss blogging. but feeling damn sien.

that accident last tuesday, kindly changed me a bit. ive become a person whos more quiet and not as “energetic” as how i used to for several weeks prior to the accident. have been feeling damn tired, damn nauseatic, damn pening and damn.. out of it. usually when i hear that theres a TAG night, or a party night.. i get all happy and bubbly about it but whoa, i actually missed the opening night and also ditched all the events which has been going on last week/weekend. its not that i malas to go, but seriously.. i think if i went im sure to just.. vomit. or drop dead or something.

 thats the spot where i crashed

thats the spot where i crashed

went to visit oskar at the workshop the other day and at the same time to clear my insurance processes, was feeling damn bummed out to see how he was. 

 oskar yang sakit

oskar yang sakit

i saw oskar, and i nearly cried. something that i damn sayang is not looking so good. 😦

but anyways.. it was a blessing in disguise. it could get worst. thank god that out of that accident i just had a mild concussion, well..wouldnt call it a whiplash really but other people say it is.. i would say a stiff neck.. and also grazed my neck because of the impact of the hit and the seatbelt left me a cut. chis. and some people thought that it happened from a ganas sex session or something. *smacks head*

theres the cut

theres the cut

so yea. hope to recover fast so i can join back you party animals. i miss you people. blergh.

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