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im just tired.

im tired of the traffic around kl and bangsar.

im tired of driving a stick shift.

im tired of waiting for my car to be fixed.

im tired of having this feeling that everyone else is having fun while im not since im still not in the “groove” just yet and still recovering. fuck.. its been more than 2 weeks already!!

im tired of my throbbing head pains.

im tired of the nose bleeds.

im tired of going to the doctors. to the specialists. to the one who can heal.



geez. the last thing i wanted to do is to complain complain complain.

but too bad. im human.. kan? and im just tired to be so emo not seeing my buds. 😦

at the moment.. thanks sweetie for being around. you’re one of the reasons why i look forward to wake up everyday.


classic days

you know that its a classic monday when everything goes wrong. when work gets hectic.. especially.

i didnt think that it will drag on til today. fucking wednesday.

errors after errors, situation after situations. its just mind numbing. and it doesnt help that i have stomach cramps at the moment.

the migraines, the throbbing head pains, the blackouts, the nausea. i hate it., i hate it all. went to check it of course, but apparently everythings all right. thank god that i didnt have any hammorage, but i think i may have suffered from a nerve problem because seriously, my systems really fucked. need to go check again.

sigh. i cant wait for the weekends. hopefully serendah will work out.

and now, to plow through that stupid traffic to kl. yeesh.


suicide mission

i dont get it. how could you ask me to call the person who you’re into when im into you? weird. seriously weird. especially when the the girl knows that you like her and acknowledge.

it would be just fucking simple if you put a rifle to my head and blow my head up open?

seriously. it hurts.


taken away

something which i most treasured for the past 1 year has been taken away from me. something which made it start as a hobby, turned passion and turned something which is kind of into a profession. my babies was taken away from me early this morning. yes. My cameras. My D40 Nikon DSLR and Canon Ixus 50 was taken away by dem stupid burglars. fuck them. fuck fuckety fuck them.

Please excuse me if there is a lot of swearing going about in this post. but do excuse me. i think i deserve a day to be ranting/whining/grieving over the matter. so here goes:

i hope that fucker would get hit by a car, or a lorry or even better a crane.. trampled on, stabbed or whatever it takes to make sure he get paid for what he took. big fucking mother fucker.

ah. am tired thinking about it. yesterday was about having hope in the topic of love. my camera and photography was a big part of my life, which was something that i was hanging on to keep myself calm and relieved. it was a good way for me to not think about stuff and enjoy what i do. taking photographs was my passion and my love grew for it.  so should hope be all lost? and now, does the q on should we hope on love still be there. ARGH. AAARGH. fuck that now. i dont know what i can have to replace that void now. if i look at flickr on my photos, i want to cry. even to look at my blog header..i cry.

it takes time to heal. i know i can do it. thanks to all for your text messages. love you all to bits.



this is my earliest that ive posted.. bloody 640am. stupid golf game.

and what i need to just write to start the day is :

“its not all about you, the world does not revolve around you. what you make is what you are. so be it.”

sapa termakan cili, batuk la sampai tercekik. haha.

good morning and have a happy sunday.


first day at work in 2008

i consider myself a new day in a new year today.

where work went fine and im actually looking forward to it.

good thing i got some authority back in my hands and projects to handle.

but how i started the day was not so.. how should i put this.. thrilling.

i woke up.. got ready for work.. drove out.. and my heart suddenly felt nervous and shit.. and i started having tears in my eyes.

i miss her teribbly. wish it was yesterday.


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