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damn. its the new year!

i know ive not been posting. no time la.

anyways, happy new year 2009 to all of you.

y’know.. this time around (last year).. sure got.. something one. i have decided and conclude that my luck when it comes to having a commitment with anyone will definitely turned sour.

for the past 2 years… everytime i get myself into something (a potential).. when it first starts, it definitely goes smooth.. and comes to one part of it.. (which usually last for about a month).. the person im hanging out with will turn ill all of a sudden.. and BAM.. the next day.. sure that person have a change of heart about the whole thing.

well. they say that 3 times a charm or also bad luck happens in 3’s.. so yea.. i think i just went through my 3rd time and hope that the next person who comes by will be just.. good for me.

i hate this feeling where you know for sure that both feelings are mutual. so at least now i know that if its too good to be true.. get out of it as soon as possible.

have a good day all. im going to zzz. it has been a painful emotional drive for the past few days.


happy happy

qookie is feeling happy.. happy happy happy. 🙂

at least now ive got a reason to smile! 😉




*writings was doodled on a piece of tissue, desperate for something to do.. ;-)*

here i am in hush while waiting for a dear friend of mine to finish her meeting.

has been a great night where i just came back from MIFA and the CRS After Party. why i mentioned that it has been a great night was because.. haha. i pulled the look off. edgy, punk rock in a long black cheongsam dress with slits everywhere, spunky hair and makeup (courtesy of my colleagues.. thanks guys!) . and that for me.. was fucking awesome. heehee. now im more gearing up to stick to this look..


*pictures from the event will come in later since i didnt have my camera with me and knicking it off from choon*


Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok!

I love bangkok. Thats all I can think off and thats all I can say.. Hehehehe. Dont feel like blogging too much so let the picture speaks for itself, aight? 😉
the morning of the flight
the morning of the flight

The sunrise before I left home

The sunrise before I left home

Sky view of Northport

.view of northport from the plane.

Bangkok Blue Skies

this pic was taken as we were landing.. and i know its damn salah to take pictures while its landing but still.. cannot tahan the skies.. its just to effing blue!

My favourite shot for the trip

My favourite shot for the trip

 this was taken nearby siam square where we were staying and its my most memorable favourite architectural shot. im glad i took it. =)

Play Safe ;)

Play Safe 😉

one thing i love about bangkok, would be the bill boards.. theres so many of em and theyre just to open! (unlike some countries who are a lil bit more strict when it comes to advertising..bleh)
Flix Club - along RCA strip.. damn cool la i like.

Flix Club - along RCA strip.. damn cool la i like.

somehow, i love this club because they have a large sit down area and its amazing how there are two rooms which is separated by just a wall/entrance and you cannot hear the music from the other room. one side of the club was playing house/electro and the other one’s playing rnb. damn syok. and also the chics. ayayayai! in my whole life, ive never seen so many hot chics passing by going into the clubs. oh well.
since i was already in the RCA strip (where it is known for the rows of clubs), and before i went for the trip, a few people were giving me some tips on which club to go to.. so.. i decided to wander on my own to one bar which is called Zeta Bar. Its an effing lesbian club haha. So yea, i went in and the owner was ushering me to a seat at the bar, next to a pretty lil thai lady. and fuck.. shes a lesbian call girl.. hahah. was ever so tempted to try out but heck nevermind lah. it was a good experience nevertheless.
Camwhore. Light. I love.

Camwhore. Light. I love.

this was taken at the stop near Siam Square.. and we’re on our way to Chatuchak Market. A must go!
Custom Made Shoes Yo

Custom Made Shoes Yo

Once i reached the market, I went crazy.. seriously.. theres so many cool things to look at and also to BUY! This is where I spent half of my money. really really good bargain. I actually got lost in the market and was alone at the time, but to come to think about it.. its better that way so that you could just go walk around looking for your own stuff. locals are friendly too! So you dont have to worry about anything.
Foot Massage.. AAAhhh

Foot Massage.. AAAhhh

After getting lost for about 1/2 hour, my legs couldnt take it anymore so I went for a foot massage.. My first time actually (putting aside the Ogawa machine I have at home hehe) and it was soOoo sedap. eheheh.
Theres only one outlet which I saw having this service, so yeah.. if you guys are tired from shopping, go and spend some time getting a massage to re-charge youre energy to shop some more!


me eating maggots. after that worms. BLERGH.. but taste like udang goreng.. hhehe.

The Neon Lights. Nice!

The Neon Lights. Nice!

A must go road, Khaosan street where the parties at. 🙂 This is the street where all the bars at, where you can get your alco at the sidewalks, drinking in buckets (and i do mean buckets, pails) and a lot of other stuff. Some call this the backpackers street as there are a few backpackers inn, but however do be careful as the people can be quite rowdy since everybody’s drinking on the street.
Suan Lum Night Market

Suan Lum Night Market

You can say that this is another Chatuchak market, but more on the upscale side. The stalls are newer but the opening price to sell would be higher. Dont worry, you can still get a good bargain! Around there is also a food court + a beer garden and also some live performance.. the singing type and also dance! .. so yea its cool!
so anyways, heres some tip :
places to shop :
1. Chatuchak Market ( ideal time to go is about 9am, because theres not so many people and the place is damn big ya)
2. MBK mall
3. Platinum Mall
4. Siam Paragon
5. Siam Discovery
6. Suan Lum Night Market
places to bar/club:
1. Khaosan Street – backpackers street, the not so expensive chill out place
2. Patpong
3. RCA – the high class one, a bit similar to… changkat raja chulan or heritage row strip?
Bangkok.. its all about the bargain BABY!


its only thursday.. damn tired la.

well, ive been actually trying to blog since the past few days, but selalu ada gangguan. kacau. so most of my posts are just drafts, and i cannot be bothered to go and look back at em and continue or re-write.

last weekend was simply crazy and this week has started off pretty well i would say. dont think ive ever been so bold enough to go up to people to get to know them or for some to get to know them even better *wink* =) just realized that ive been more sociable now and it feels good to not pretend to be someone who i am not and to just be myself and be accepted as who i am. happy happy joy joy!

will post some pics later lah. just want to gatal get a post up. =P


switched on.

switched on.

switched off.

switched on.

switched off.

switched on..

very pleasant talk i had on the phone after my screwed up drama of passing out after junkyard and bodega. anyways, im quite a pussy after i broke up last year and have been sleeping with the lights on. occasional off, but most of the time on.

after the phone call i made after waking up from my drunken slumber, i switched off the lights, and went to sleep.

thank you for making me feel good, i feel whole again.


take me away

A poem which I heart by Jalaluddin Rumi.

Oh Beloved,
take me.
Liberate my soul.
Fill me with your love and
release me from the two worlds.
If I set my heart on anything but you
let fire burn me from inside.

Oh Beloved,
take away what I want.
Take away what I do.
Take away what I need.
Take away everything
that takes me from you.

Thank you cosmicgirl for introducing me to Rumi. I fell in love with what was written.

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