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Big Apple!

my passion has always been food. I love food. I love to try new stuff and one of my food passion is of course the Big Apple donuts!! They’re so freaking yummy. I remembered the first time I bought my dozen of Glazed Donuts from Big Apple and it was hot.. the feeling was definitely better than getting an orgasm (Do not get me wrong here.. is not that I get knocked up or what.. but paham2 je la the feeling.. hehehehe..)

 So yeah, for brekkie today I was with me *sweetie* and I introduced *sweetie* to dem donuts. Oh yeah.. me favourite is the glazed and also choreo.. which im glad that the *sweetie* loves em as well ( I hope?!).. well, next project is to makan the Jacko?  (thanks cik elina) J.CO donuts.. hope its as nice as heard dem reviews that its as good.

 Please go and get your Big Apple Donuts today!!



the banquet

what a weekend it was. which it got too crazy because ive never been so drunk and still be able to not pass out.

anyways, back to me point.. would like to recommend to you guys to try out the champagne free flow at “the banquet” where for exactly RM102 (RM88 actually but plus tax).. you can get as much free flow of champagne, dessert and a couple of cucumber sandwiches..

outcome : confirm mabuk jika gelojoh.. but apart from that.. like my previous blog on me birthday, the desserts are as good as their food.. and also the nice lady manager and her team did provide us a good service.

So.. jemputlah datang ke the banquet.. where the food is great and the drinks are super!




the birthday

go shorty.. its your birthday.. we’re gonna party tonight.. is your birthday!

 **originally written on the 17th but got a little tipsy and dozed off for a whole day and woke up at 6pm. tsk tsk.. not so productive day**

my day has passed.. and off to a new year.. it was a pleasant celebration for me this year.. nobody pissed me off and unexpected people gave me their wishes.. thank you all.

had dinner at the banquet yesterday…


referred by *jiran*.. and i totally heart this place. the setting, the food and the hospitality of the manager. the setting was cool.. and makes you feel as though you’re in a garden altho the place is in the middle of a mall.


the menu..


well.. my mom had the wild rocket salad.. sister had some pasta.. and @ had lamb shank.. but the best dish was obviously my dish.. oven baked butter fish served with honey me.. i wish im still having it till today…


           delish delish delicious!

after the dinner.. the ritual birthday cake comes in.. and my sister’s attempt to be all sweet and got me a heart shaped cake from bakerzin`. Eiww. heart shape? thank god the cake tasted good. =D


after dinner me and *jiran* and matkib went over to breeze to have some drinks.. and the ‘must try’ drink would be the vodka apple with soda.. yummilicious.


one thing I love about Breeze and TTDI plaza is the environment… place looks posh.. but comfortable to chill could actually hang out at the bars by dressing casually like slippers and shorts.


          *jiran* and matkib

at 1159pm on the 17/10/07… we raised our glasses and ended the day. bye bye 24 and hello to 25.. hope the year brings me all the luck that I can get.

again.. thanks to all who wished me and love to my mom, sister and lovelies. thanks for being there to celebrate my birthday.


the last supper

time : 3.40am

just came back from supper just now.. me and and a few buds went for the supper package at PJ Hilton where per person was priced at RM32++. The food was okay, but heard reviews for Paya Serai that the Buka Puasa feast is good so the Supper was a letdown. There was a selection of OK food but was actually expecting something better. The sense of tak puas hati (or mebbe I was just being a pig) came over me on the way home, where I was actually craving for food. Dont you just hate it when you’re hungry but you need that particular food to make your stomach feel satisfied? Yeah, thats what Im definitely having.. a craving.

Put food aside, Good luck Hafiz on your way to London Nepolitan..hahaha. Hope that you have fun there and we all will definitely miss your quirky jokes. See you in 1 year… or is it 2? hmm..


**the geng**


buka puasa feast

Last monday, the company organized a buka puasa session at Kelana Jaya seafood. Darn was so kenyang. Surprisingly, the food that they serve was quite good and the ranges was a-plenty. From BBQ seafood stuff, to lamb (yumm yumm) to panjacks and others. wo was gelojoh and tamak haloba and went to take a couple of plates at one sitting. tsk tsk. but seriously, would suggest to have a buka puasa session there, its worth it.


they had a few sections to serve food.. and that was only one of the signs. imagine 3 more of em.


** itu adalah makanan round 1. **

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